Why List With J. Philip Real  Estate?

Why List With J. Philip Real Estate?

The reason to choose any broker is to achieve the result. Our track record and growth speak volumes about our ability to perform in marketplace that is an echo chamber of brokers all making promises. Here is why we are very likely the right choice.

Our market reach is second to none. In 2005 the firm made a commitment to Internet presence years ahead of the herd, and that early adaptation had given us a head start in getting our listings found by the right profile of buyer. Your home won’t just be on all Internet search sites; our search engine optimization work, experience with search term matches and a host of other new tools, such as mobile optimized searches and video, put our listings front and center, ahead of the crowd.

Client control
Our suite of seller tools give the client far more insight into how their listing is marketed, what feedback is on showings, and what consumer traffic the listing is getting online. Thanks to those tools and the client portal virtual office, you will know more sitting on your couch on your iPad than you would have known a few years ago in the office during the business day with your agent.

Negotiation skill
Once an interested buyer is presented, managing the offer and procuring the best terms for the client is our paramount duty. Price, terms, time frames, and dozens of other variables are managed to ensure that our listings sell for the most money the market will bear, in the shortest timeframe, and with the fewest headaches.

Making transactions bullet-proof
Nothing is worse than a deal that falls through or is punctuated by unneeded drama. Our due diligence on behalf of the client has been refined to get to the closing with qualified buyers, no home inspection surprises, no title issues, and with all obstacles successfully overcome prior to any problem arising. We skillfully vet buyers, get ahead of title matters, inspection issues, and other things that can scuttle an otherwise successful closing.

The proof is in our track record
Our growth, stature in the industry, and market share are compelling proof that what we do not only works, but is keeping us ahead of the status quo. Don’t take our word for it; interview one of our agents for an unfiltered, transparent, no holds barred look at what separates us from the crowd.